My take on the Dark Knight Returns mythos but instead with Batman Beyond characters. Batman himself (ie. Terry McGinnis) would be in his mid to late 50's in this.
Batman Beyond - Terry McGinnis
My take on the Dark Knight Returns mythos but instead with Batman Beyond. So this is the older Terry McGinnis, in his late 50's, still the Batman, although solo now since Bruce Wayne is long dead by now. It's god more mechanics worked into the suit, much like when he was younger. The red seams outline the exoskeleton like lining in the suit. Mostly meant as a "helper" for Terry as he moves around to fight fatigue since he is in good shape but still in his later years. His proportions are much more bulky now too. And would be too heavy for the little wings under the arms. So instead he wears a pack on his back that has a mechanical and energy based wingset that unfurls when needed. And he still has the boosters under his boots. His symbol on the front is in pieces as it is parts of a kevlar padding strapped to his upper torso.
Terry Mcginnis - aka. Batman Beyond, unmasked.
Dee Dee
After their time with the jokerz, the Dee Dee sisters "grew-up" and started their own crime franchise. Sticking to mostly jewel heists and other more "glamorous" crimes, the two were mildly successful over the years, and stayed out of jail (mostly......). They achieved it by using other ex Jokerz that are still hard up, using "special" means to persuade them not to talk or point any fingers back to Dee Dee should they be caught.

After a steady flow for a couple decades, they felt it was time for an offspring, however neither of the sisters were in any situation to be going out on normal dates, and really had no desire to anyway, as they were married to their work! Plus they hardly got along anymore but recognized the mutual benefits of their partnership. So they decided to adopt, and just happened to come across a phenomenon that was this gigantic "slow" baby in a local hospital. What a perfect specimen for them to raise, and brainwash to do their bidding, along with his size being used to their advantage. They kidnapped the poor child and raised him and he grew up and became their dumb brute enforcer. Fiercely loyal only to his mothers!
Here is my take on Max from Batman Beyond done in the style of Dark Knight Returns but with this universe. Alfred and Bruce are both long since passed on, and over the last 40 years her and Terry (Batman) have become very close but not as lovers, but more like family. SHe now lives in Wayne Manor and maintains it's upkeep as Terry spends most of his time in the Batcave or in his study and scarcely ventures to other parts of the house. Max is also now the CEO and Partner of Wayne Enterprises, sort of like Wayne Enterprise and Batman's version of Pepper Potts. She's always been very chipper even as she gets older. Very down to earth and grounded but very driven and Batman's most trusted and most of the time ONLY trusted ally and friend. Never being one for the field but also in considerable risk in her position, she always keeps her "pup's" at her side, the Boxer and the Rottweiler. Fierce dogs and Fiercely Loyal to her. If she's safe and happy, they are both gentle giants and sweethearts, but if things go sour, Watch Out! 

She injured her leg in her 40's when she reluctantly helped Batman again in the field with a new nemesis. She was nearly killed and her leg was mangled in a resulting car crash and as such has never worked in the field again. She is happy at the manor with her tea and computer console. The crushed leg did offer her an opportunity to carry her technology with her a bit more, always a techno-geek. She has a state of the art cane for her limp form the leg which couldn't be fully repaired. But it also has a full holographic console that can project and interact from the tip of the cane. And for real emergencies, can emit 5 shots of super powerful laser beams out the base. 

She never married but being involved in the night life and crime fighting and high-end lifestyle that comes from being part of Wayne's life and his alter-ego has kept her more edgy and cool, and as such still dresses somewhat hip and carries herself well.
Finally got around to doing another one of these. Couldnt decide on a decent character from the series that would be fun to age 40 years. But someone whom is a fan of my other designs wrote to me a couple weeks back asking if I were ging to do anymore and upon asking if he had any suggestions, this is one. He had a bit if a different back story that I didn't end up sticking with as I was working out the design, but still got the ball rolling.
Here, stalker is still the lone huntsman, but like when he was younger, he tends to go overboard on his hunting escapades and ends up getting seriously hurt sometimes. Thank goodness for technology and Wayne Industries, and especially black market thieves. These have allowed Stalker to continually upgrade his body with tech stolen from Wayne Industries. Being that it's black market and undergorund, the work isnt always hidden like a high-billing plastic surgeon, thus showing parts of the tech showing through his skin, still revealing the Wayne Industries logo on it, not knowing that, whenenver he fights Batman it's an extra slap in the face to McGinnis in that he's struggling against a being made powerful through his own tech.
This includes his original achilles heel which was his spine upgrade shorting out his whole body if zapped with electricity. He now had new grounding probes added onto the spine which grounds him from electricity but also turbo charges his spine and all his other tech implants.
He's not as quick as he used to be and doesn't have the same stamina despite the upgrades so he now has his customized hog he flies around the city on. With an autopilot feature built in so he can step off to the side of the bike to take down prey or to mount his pole weapon onto the bike in a jousting position.
He's basically become muscle for hire these days as he still has the brute strength but not so much the speed that matches the modern youth.

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